LIVE 1對1線上程式課程
How to Prepare Your Child for the New K-12 International Coding Curriculum Standards

CodeMonkey is finally here in Taiwan.  Over 10 million students around the world have learned coding through CodeMonkey's Award Winning Coding Curriculum.  Coding is a basic skill that is necessary for the success of your Kid's future.  Why waste time and money on unproven coding classes.  Find out today why CodeMonkey is your Best Choice for learning coding.

  • All the fundamental and universal coding concepts: Objects, Loops, Variables, Array Indexing, Functions, Boolean Logic, Comparisons,   Return Values, Triggering Events.

  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking skills: Identify problem, plan course of action, execute solutions

  • Breakdown problem into multiple digestible step

  • Complete task before improving efficiency. Our 3 stars grading system encourages incremental improvement until reaching efficiency.

  • Understand concepts is more important than memorizing formulas: 42 lessons with 420 different levels.

  • Without Commitment you will Never Start. Without Consistency you will Never Finish


Here's What Your Child will Learn:
How is CodeMonkey LIVE 1:1 Coding Class Different from Other Coding Classes
  • The most widely used Coding Curriculum in the World

  • Specifically selected as the country's coding curriculum by Israel's Dept of Education for a nationwide role-out

  • Teachers provide parents with student's weekly progress

  • Each lesson is automatically graded and provides students with personalized hints and tips

  • Only Coding Curriculum in Taiwan that meets international standards like Common Core State Standard, CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards, National Curriculum in England

  • Only internationally tested coding Curriculum taught in Taiwan

Students learn BEST with Live 1:1 Coding Sessions
Our Award Winning Coding Curriculum
Hundreds of Elementary and Junior High Schools in Taiwan have chosen CodeMonkey as their Coding Curriculum in Class
This Program is Suitable for
  • Parents with children age 8-18 years old

  • Parents with children with either Local or International School backgrounds

  • Parents who want their children to build a Strong Foundation in Coding and Critical Thinking

  • Parents who want their children to be a Problem SolverCritical Thinker and Self-Directed Lifelong Learner

  • Parents who want their children to build the NEVER GIVE UP MENTALITY. FALL DOWN 7 TIMES GET UP 8

  • ​Parents who rather have their child understand concepts than memorize formulas

How Schools feel about CodeMonkey
About Us
We are a team of experts in technology, gaming and pedagogy who together solve the equation of learning to code.
Jonathan Schor
CEO & Co-Founder

We believe that the old fashioned ways of learning should be challenged and new learning resources are the bright future of education systems worldwide. When we design our products we focus on engagement and user experience in order to achieve a fun and effective learning process. We foster deep understanding of technology and pedagogy and the result is a product that teachers can use without fear and kids enjoy tremendously.

Since we started to code as 4th graders in the 1990’s, we knew how powerful code literacy can be for a child’s future. CodeMonkey was founded in 2014, based on Jonathan’s successful experiences in teaching young children to code through playful activities. Today, at CodeMonkey, we are bringing fun, knowledge and opportunity into the lives of millions of learners around the world.

Gary Cheng
CodeMonkey Taiwan
CEO & Founder

Gary graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.  He started his first company Virtual Stock Exchange in 1997 and sold the company for $6 Million in 1999.  In 2001 he returned to Taiwan and started uSchool in 2004. Because coding is a required course starting in the 2019-20 school year, CodeMonkey Taiwan was established to support this initiative. 


As hundreds of elementary and junior high schools in Taiwan begin to incorporate CodeMonkey into their coding curriculum, more and more parents start to request personalized LIVE 1-1 online coding classes for their children.  This is inline with our experience with over 10 million students around the globe. We understand that every student learn coding at different pace, thus a personalized 1-1 coding class is the BEST learning experience for the students.